Chile has been named for 3 years in a row Best Adventure Travel Destination at the World Travel Awards. 

We recommend that, once you are already planning to come to the end of the world, take the opportunity to wander around and enjoy it.

If you can stay after the race for 10 days or less, we encourage you to travel around Aysen. Aysen is a wonderful place, a true jewel of Patagonia and certainly one of the most extreme region in the world.

We work hard with the most experienced local guides and operators so you can enjoy the best possible trip around Aysen Patagonia after the race. The athletes who took this program in 2018 and 2019 they absolutely loved it!

Cutoffs are necessary because we are concerned about your safety. It is very dangerous 
to spend long times in cold water, or to cycle after having spending long time in cold water. It is also necessary for the organization and the local community to liberate the traffic control on the main local route that we use. It is also very dangerous to be exhausted on the road after dark.

For all these reasons, you are not permitted to continue 
in the race on your own or at your own risk. The cutoff times and rules outlined below must be enforced.

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PATAGONMAN is a point to point race starting in the western part of Aysén, one of the most southern regions of Latin America, then leading east to finish at the eastern part of this region. The course starts at the scenic Aysén Fjord, close to Puerto Chacabuco and finishes at the impressive General Carrera Lake. The course across Patagonia is both breathtakingly beautiful and extremely challenging.

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