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patagonman patagonia extreme triathlon


patagonman patagonia extreme triathlon boat ferry barco jump
  • Full wetsuits are mandatory.

  • Neoprene caps will be mandatory if the water temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius.

  • If the water temperature is 12 degrees Celsius or higher, neoprene caps well be optional, same as neoprene socks, gloves and heat vest.

Webbed or membrane globes are not permitted in any case.

  • Patagonman swimming cap is mandatory to be visibly worn during the swimming section of the race and not doing it could be subject to penalty.

  • Patagonman open water safety buoys are mandatory for the swim.

  • The time chip must be worn during the whole race. If the chip is lost, it is the athlete’s responsibility to contact Patagonman CREW members at T1 or T2 to receive a new chip.

  • The race number should not be worn during the swim, and must be stored in T1, until the athlete exits the water. 

  • Red taillights must be used during the whole bike segment.

  • A reflective vest or a four-point reflective belt strap must be worn during the whole bike segment.

  • The race number must be visible from 
the back at all times during the bike segment and from the front during the run segment. 

  • Bikes must be in good working order. 

  • Helmets must be approved by a nationally accredited testing authority or have the CE stamp.

  • Changing wheels due to mechanical failure is permitted, as long as the race officers are informed afterwards.

  • Pack a backpack, containing warm and fresh clothing, headlamp, towels, food and drinks, mobile phone and cash for post-race needs.

  • Supports must wear the Patagonman reflective jacket at all times on race day. 

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