Expected temperatures and weather conditions

Water: expect cold waters; temperature as low as 10.5°C (50°F) is not unusual.

Air; bike leg (Puerto Aysen area): temperature can range 4°C to 20°C (39-68°F)

Air; run leg (Puerto Ibañez area): temperature can range 4°C to 22°C (39-72°F)

Possible changes of the course due 
to severe weather

PATAGONMAN takes place in the heart of Patagonia, a remote region, at southernmost part of the world, where severe weather may require changes in the race.


If the water temperature is colder than 10.5°C, if visibility is low, or in case of high waves, strong tide or other dangerous conditions caused by severe weather, the swim course could be shortened, moved to a more protected area, or be set up as a circuit swim, with the start and finish in Puerto Chacabuco. In the most extreme scenario, it can be canceled.



Severe weather on the bike or running leg of the race

As there is always a risk of extreme weather conditions in Patagonia, the race circuit and the cancelation of it upon a weather emergency will depend only on the organization criteria and the National Bureau of Emergencies. This is not common situation at all and we expect to have no problem due to the time of the year when the race is held but we have to be conscious that your safety is at all time the first priority.

PATAGONMAN is a point to point race starting in the western part of Aysén, one of the most southern regions of Latin America, then leading east to finish at the eastern part of this region. The course starts at the scenic Aysén Fjord, close to Puerto Chacabuco and finishes at the impressive General Carrera Lake. The course across Patagonia is both breathtakingly beautiful and extremely challenging.

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