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An initiative to bring triathlon back to its roots.

Actualizado: 4 ago 2023

PATAGONMAN is the answer for all those triathletes who really love nature and the journey to discover new natural wonders.

This race was created in a moment when triathlon was booming worldwide. More and more races were showing up like mushrooms after the rain but there was a group of people trying to maintain the sport pure, true and full of positive principles. It was thanks to those people that PATAGONMAN and other extreme triathlon races were born.

This race is about maintaining the sport pure, bringing triathlon back to its roots and challenging the human body to its limits in a constant connection with nature.


At their early thirties a group of three Chilean triathletes passionate about the sport and nature, were constantly debating between two of their greatest loves: practicing triathlon and traveling the world to see natural wonders. It was then that they discovered Aysen, the jewel of Patagonia. Aysen is an isolated region, a unique place on earth… it is wild and extreme as itself and it is arguably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

"We wanted to create something unique, something that can only be done by real triathletes and that can only be done here, in one of the wildest scenarios of the world. Let the participants experience the journey through landscapes with no parallel, let them be amazed by nature, let them see wildlife and wilderness as they power themselves up through the country of glaciers and mountains, through the land of pumas and condors… in search of their physical boundaries, the boundaries that can only be surpassed when in perfect harmony of mind, body and soul."

Ignacio Valdivieso

Co-Founder & Race Director of Patagonman

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