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Slots to each edition of PATAGONMAN are allocated by a ballot system.

Lottery results are announced during March.

This is NOT a first come first serve event. All who enroll at any time during the days that enrollment is open, have a ticket in the draw. Due to our very limited capacity in our race, we can only accept individual registrations for the draw.

If you applied for the previous year(s) with no luck and you are applying again this year, you will have double or triple chances in draw depending on how many times you have applied before. If you are unlucky again this year and try again next year, then you will get even more chances. This will never be a guarantee for a slot but it will increase your chances compared to people registering for the first time.

Each lottery ticket has a cost of USD $12 and the total amount collected from this process will go directly to charity in the Aysen Region.

Here are some questions a lot of people ask us: FAQ

If you get lucky?

If you have luck in the draw, we will send you an e-mail confirming this. The e-mail will contain a link to the final registration site. You will have 7 days to complete the registration and payment. If you, for whatever reason, have not completed your registration within this time limit, the slot will be passed on to an athlete on our “runners-up” list.

The participation fee is USD $890. Your slot is not confirmed until payment is done.

A valid credit card will be needed in order to pay.

race manual​

Prior to final registration you will be required to carefully read and understand the Race Manual.

Download the latest version of the Race Manual HERE


A total of 300 slots will be awarded each year.​ 

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