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Photo: Diego Lavin Provoste.

1. Q: When does lottery enrollment open?

A: Lottery opens during mid or late January. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned. 

2. Q: When is the exact date of the next edition of Patagonman?

A: Sunday December 3rd, 2023

3. Q: I want to race to raise money for my favorite charity. Do you have any slots allocated to this that I can have?

A: We do not have any charity slots. That said we donate significant amounts ourselves, and encourage our athletes to do so as well. Our ability to supply charity slots is limited by the size of our race. To treat our all of applicants fairly we want as many of our slots as possible to go into the draw where everyone has a chance. Please write us an email if you would like to engage into further discussions about this.

4. Q: I have an extremely good reason to get a slot outside the draw.


A: All our athletes usually have very good reasons to race. Anniversaries, weight loss, recovery from illness, plus an infinite number of other reasons are represented among our athletes as their personal reasons to race. This makes us very happy. But to treat all of our applicants fairly we want as many of our slots as possible to go into the draw where everyone has a chance and do not make exceptions.

5. Q: I was lucky and got a slot for the race. Now I can’t race due to “XXXX”. May I defer my slot to next year?


A: With our limited capacity we simply can’t roll over slots for next year. Not because of money, but because of capacity. This is also stated clearly in the Race Manual that everyone reads before enrolling.

6. Q: I would like to sign up and race alongside with my friend / wife / boyfriend / club / etc…

A: Due to our limited capacity we only accept individual entries into our lottery. We do not make any exceptions to this. This should not discourage you from trying your luck. There could be the chance that both friends and couples draw the “golden” ticket. And if only one of you get a slot, coming as support is by many considered both harder and more fun than actually racing. 

7. Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: When we do the draw for the race, we also have a draw for a “runners-up list”. Meaning that if some of the lucky winners do not pay the entry fee within the deadline, a person from the “runners-up list" gets the slot. When we inform about the results of the draw. The mail we send will state explicitly your status. If it says that you did not get a slot, that is it for this year's race, and we hope you come back to apply for the next edition.

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