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Patagonman | Sponsors


Without amazing financial, logistical and moral support from our sponsors and partners, PATAGONMAN Triathlon could not happen. Learn more about them here.


Patagonman | Z2
Patagonman | Aqua Chile
Patagonman | TECNOFAST
Patagonman | D'olbek
Patagonman |  Aysen Patagonia Sernatur GORE
Patagonman | Fiordo Austral
If you or your company are interested in supporting and/or being part of PATAGONMAN please write us HERE.


Patagonman | Explora
Patagonman | Gatorade
Patagonman | El Reloj Hotel & Restorant
Patagonman | Loberias del Sur Hotel
Patagonman | Ministerio del Deporte Chile
Patagonman | Naviera Austral
Patagonman | Puerto Chacabuco
Patagonman | Coyhaique
Patagonman | Rio Ibañiz
Patagonman | Armada de Chile
Patagonman | Municipalidad Aysen Chile

media partners

Patagonman | Trichile
Patagonman | Massiva
Patagonman | CDO
Patagonman | La Tercera
Patagonman | Genial TV


Patagonman | Rehabilita Aysen
Patagonman | Liceo Cerro Castillo - Rio Ibañez
Patagonman | Club Orcas de Aysen
Patagonman | Fundación Patagonia Aysen

Every year we choose among the most relevant ONG's, charities and local institutions looking for different kind of help, financial aid and equipment to support their duties. We make a big effort to support them in reaching their goals and trying to make a direct positive impact in the local Patagonian community. This institutions have included: FUNDACION PATAGONIA DE AYSEN, REHABILITA, CLUB ORCAS DE AYSEN, LICEO RURAL CERRO CASTILLO and CLUB ANDINO CERRO CASTILLO. 

If you would like to make a direct donation, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via the contact section.

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