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Let's talk about HOW TO MASTER T1 and T2.

We all know that T1 and T2 play an important role in triathlon racing. However, when it comes to extreme triathlons like PATAGONMAN it becomes key! Here are some points you should be aware of: First of all T1: Take your time here, there's no need to do it under 2 minutes. The main goal is to get dry and to warm up your body:

- Your support is responsible for keeping you dry, so having 2 or 3 towels is a good idea!

- In order to warm up your body you can have hot beverages like coffee, tea or even Cup Noodles.

- Change your clothes and be prepared for cold conditions. Some gear you could use are: warm sleeves, windbreaker and gloves. Remember that you can take it all out and give it to your support after 20 kilometers, so better to be super precocious here.

- Remember to eat! Your body is spending an enormous amount of calories just to keep you safe from hypothermia… so eat more than you would eat in a regular triathlon. Eat at T1 and during the first kilometers of the bike. Now T2.

- Everything depends on the weather so, your support should be prepared for anything!

- Have two options of dry clothes, one cooler and the other warmer.

- Take your time and eat well! For the next 30Ks you will only have water and Gatorade, so fuel yourself right and take some food with you.

- Apply sunscreen!!!

- Get ready to enjoy the view.

Stay safe and keep training!

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