Cristián Bustos.

1992 Ironman World Championship Runner-up

1993 Ironman European Champion

1995 Comeback-of-the-Year

In the south of the world, in BEAUTIFUL PATAGONIA…

Deep in Patagonia, still un-corrupted, un-tamed and un-touched places guard landscapes of indescribable beauty. Glaciers, rugged mountains, wildlife, lakes, ice fields and rivers set the scenery for an extraordinary dream. Only 300 athletes will be selected (lottery) from all over the world to meet here and to challenge themselves in an unprecedented event within the settings of nature. A new generation of athletes acting on their dreams to find their mental and physical boundaries… and to push farther, than they ever had before. PATAGONMAN brings triathlon back to its roots and inspire us for a better future.

3.8 Kilometers Swim

The swimming leg of the race starts with the leap from a big ferry boat 3.8 kilometers from Puerto Chacabuco, in the extremely pure and extremely cold water of the Aysén Fjord. Surrounded by lush-green forest and always-snowed mountain peaks, the scenery is far beyond impressive. We strongly advise cold water training for this race and to wear neoprene gadgets if the are allowed (depends on the water temperature). Full wetsuits are mandatory as the expected temperatures of the water goes from 9ºC to 12.5ºC.

180 Kilometers bike

The cycling leg of the race starts in Puerto Chacabuco and covers 180 kilometers of some of the most scenic landscapes in Patagonia all the way to the famous Cerro Castillo Village. The winding road is challenging as this part of the world it is very well known for its strong winds and the conditions of the road require full concentration. The elevation gain adds some extra difficulty to the cycling as the road climbs into The Andes before descending again into the village where Transition 2 is located. There is a hydration station at kilometer 90.

42.2 Kilometers run

The running leg of the race starts in Cerro Castillo Village and covers a full marathon distance of beautiful landscapes (42.2 kilometres). It runs free of pavement and soon after it starts, takes the athletes up the hill through a dirt trail and then back down into a rubble road that follows a river, passing next to beautiful lakes and waterfalls. The ascending trail and the tough lay of the rubble road makes the run a challenge even for the fastest ones. There are hydration stations at kilometer 10 and 20.

PATAGONMAN THIRD edition WILL TAKE place on December, 2020 and

lottery registration for this edition WILL open IN LATE JANUARY.

Results will be announced by email in MARCH.


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PATAGONMAN is a point to point race starting in the western part of Aysén, one of the most southern regions of Latin America, then leading east to finish at the eastern part of this region. The course starts at the scenic Aysén Fjord, close to Puerto Chacabuco and finishes at the impressive General Carrera Lake. The course across Patagonia is both breathtakingly beautiful and extremely challenging.

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